Friday, June 29, 2012

Typhoon, Joseph Conrad

"Having just enough imagination to carry him through each successive day, and no more, he was tranquilly sure of himself; and from the very same cause he was not in the least conceited. It is your imaginative superior who is touchy, overbearing, and difficult to please; but every ship Captain MacWhirr commanded was the floating abode of harmony and peace. It was, in truth, as impossible for him to take a flight of fancy as it would be for a watchmaker to put together a chronometer with nothing except a two-pound hammer and a whip-saw in the way of tools. Yet the uninteresting lives of men so entirely given to the actuality of the bare existence have their mysterious side. It was impossible in Captain MacWhirr's case, for instance, to understand what under heaven could have induced that perfectly satisfactory son of a petty grocer in Belfast to run away to sea. And yet he had done that very thing at the age of fifteen. It was enough, when you thought it over, to give you the idea of an immense, potent, and invisible hand thrust into the ant-heap of the earth, laying hold of shoulders, knocking heads together, and setting the unconscious faces of the multitude towards inconceivable goals and in undreamt-of directions."

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E♦B said...

Was in Shakespeare and Co. today, looking for E.O. Wilson’s latest book; had it in my hand, hardcover, but beyond my budget; then looked at latest by Jon Gottschall, also hardcover and out of my budget. The bookseller was extremely attentive and courteous, helpful to the nth degree (looking things up for me). Generously offered discount. Sorry I could not make a purchase. GFT