Monday, January 23, 2012


Anthropomorphic animal noir? Trust me, read this now.

This handsome volume collects three stories of private detective John Blacksad. The first, "Somewhere Within the Shadows" finds him investigating the murder of an old flame. The second, "Arctic Nation," is an exploration of racism and corruption. "Red Soul" is pure Red Scare. And it's all tight, boilerplate noir, wrenching itself from panel to panel in a dreamy, watercolor city.

Dark Horse has a preview available here but really, you need to settle into these stories, hold the book in your hand and appreciate its tremendous artwork from up close. The creators have rightfully won loads of acclaim, from three Eisner nominations to the Angoulême Prize for Artwork. May their fantastic successes continue because their fourth story "The Hell, the Silence" needs to be translated and printed stateside, stat.

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