Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Volume I

Okay, I was very, very excited for this. hitRECord is a collaborative production company fronted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Picture a community of artists submitting pictures or words or anything and then adding to each others' contributions, remixing and building up, up, up toward the sky. Conceptually, it is basically unbridled enthusiasm married to a serious work ethic.

First, I really love that there is a supportive, inclusive community of people working together to make art. Open-source art, yes. Second, I love that everybody gets paid. Profits are split 50-50 between contributors and hitRECord. Third, the role of curator-director that is filled by Gordon-Levitt is a huge part of what I think makes it successful. The encouragement! He's extremely, "Go team!" I like to think of it as a collective of talented snails that have been coaxed out of their hiding shells to comic jam. There's just a generosity of spirit here that is important. And contagious.

It's a beautiful, hand-sized treasure. Because that is what collaboration looks like! My favorites in this collection are flickering stars in old pickling jars (pictured below), the winter owls keeping trees warm and the very last one, which is especially tiny and tender. The smallest story! It makes an excellent present and an even better call to arms. Join the club! After all, it's part of a three-book series, so there are at least two more volumes to work on/look forward to. Let's get to it.

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