Monday, December 12, 2011

A controversy of commentary.

DIESEL via Shelf Awareness
What's the unit of measure for internet commentary again? A controversy?

There's been one over Amazon and its Price Check program. The outrage sustained itself through all of last week. Online, that's basically a year. Every publisher and bookstore spoke out against it,  in support of small business: ABA CEO Oren Teicher's open letter is a concise example. While books were excluded from the promotion, the conceit of the app (to encourage the use of physical stores as showrooms) hit a raw nerve for those in the book business. Amazon's mere existence has already created a growing population of customer who feel no compunction over using stores and staff for recommendations and research only to leave and buy online. Amazon's Price Check is an attempt to further normalize that bad behavior. What do you think?

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William said...

What sophistry.