Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kate Beaton Interview

The comic you wrote about the three Brontë sisters seems to have really struck a nerve. 
That comic got a huge response. It's in the window of a bookstore now.

Finally Anne gets a little credit for commonsense!
Anne's books are totally different from Emily's and Charlotte's. Anne's characters are horrified by what they see, while Jane Eyre is more like, "Well, I'll get used to this guy with his weird, wife-in-the-attic shenanigans. I love him!" People say that "Wuthering Heights" is a romance. It's not. It's a book about horrible people. It's more of a horror story than anything else.

Read the whole glorious thing at Salon: How to Make History, Jane Eyre and Superheroes Funny.

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