Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Reading

Summer is the reading season for me. It's never, ever been Winter. Finding the hot weather more oppressive is part of it; there's little to be done about humidity and thunderstorms. Much better to just hide inside instead! And the light! You have the light until very late. I can read without turning on a lamp past eight.

This preference was also formed by the happy ritual of visiting the library every other day once school was out. I'd check out teetering piles of books every week, as many as I could carry. Reading is just my memory of the season.

And the way I honor this as an adult is to choose a single serious novel to read every summer. Something to counteract the frothy frippery. Les Miserables, Crime and Punishment, Lolita, Frankenstein, all summer books for me. This year? Our Mutual Friend. In honor of Lost, in honor of The Unwritten. What will you be reading?

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