Thursday, March 31, 2011

MoCCA Fest 2011

Come! It's almost time. Time to spend money you don't have on comics you can't live without. The ritual draws near...

This will be my second visit to MoCCA since its relocation from The Puck Building. I only imagine they've grown into the space, which I am a fan of. I like my conventions to feel like conventions and the Armory achieves this. Of the many exhibitors I am raring to go see, Kate Beaton is at the top. Of the top. In fact, the whole store is probably going, just to see her.

Plus, this year Al Jaffee will receive the Klein Award. And a dear memoryof a previous MoCCA was running into Mr. Jaffee outside, exclaiming, "You're amazing!", then running away. At the very least, come embarrass yourself in front of a legend.

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