Thursday, February 24, 2011

Writers for the Red Cross

Did you know March is Red Cross Month? It's an initiative to raise funds and awareness for the Red Cross and its work in communities across the country. And while it's a handful of days away, I thought we could start to put it on your radar. Writers for the Red Cross is exactly what it sounds like: an independent group of writers and publishing professionals working together for the cause.

Want to help? Volunteer, donate, bid in the auctions, or talk up all the great work the Red Cross does. If you donate more than $25, WFTRC will give you a free book by one of the participating authors. Of course, you can also choose to simply donate. We'll have a donation box in-store for the month, should you want to drop in and contribute. If you donate, you'll get to pick out an advance reading copy from our galley collection and take it home with you, our small way of saying thanks.

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