Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turn Your Books Into Cash

Found a questionable pile of books on the street? Are double and triple-stacked shelves still not doing their part to accommodate your growing library? Still not jettisoned textbooks from previous semesters? Are you reading this from a chair made of books? I love reading but books can easily take over your life. One day, you turn around, realize you haven't moved in five years and maybe can't see your walls.

Let me help. Tweet me an ISBN and I'll respond with the value you can expect. We buy books back all year round and if I can save you a trip, you can bring it all in one wheelbarrow at a time. Asking about textbooks? Please just include which college they are for.


mordicai said...

I've got an old copy of some stupid book about birds...John James Audubon's "Birds of America"?

Alicia said...

Located right next to your Dresden Codex?