Saturday, January 22, 2011

Renowned Zionist stooge to accept literary award in Jerusalem

Some people are hopping mad at British writer David Carradine Ian McEwan right now apparently. It turns out he was nominated for, and won, an Israeli literary award, the Jerusalem Prize. And, don't you know, accepting anything from Israel is tantamount to being a vocal supporter of insidious anti-Palestine policies? Uh, okay, sure. I mean, my last landlord was Israeli, so I guess my rent checks could conceivably have been considered financial support for the creation of new settlements. And by "conceivably" I of course mean: if you are a crazy person. People want him to refuse the award as a political gesture. Seriously guys, McEwan has even explicitly denounced the policies at issue. Let the guy accept his award and eat his buffet plate and make a speech. Sheesh. The last winner, Haruki Murakami, was also pressed to decline the award, but also declined to decline.

(Image from User:Jamesmh2006 at Wikimedia Commons, generously licensed in the public domain.)

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