Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fear of draculars

Here's an old favorite of ours at Shakespeare & Co. Developmentally disabled man Michael Bernard Loggins made lists of the things he's afraid of and published them in two zines titled Fears of Your Life and Fears of Your Life: A Whole New One. At first it seems like the world of Mr. Loggins is a scary place, there's falling down, and there's cars that might hit you, and you might get lost, or your friends might stop liking you, but when he starts getting to things like "fear of dinosaurs bird" and "fear of draculars", the world through his eyes starts to sound pretty amazing. This American Life on NPR recently had on actor Tom Wright to read about nine minutes of list items. Audio below:


It starts about 33 minutes in.

(Posted with gratitude to our pal Jenny who first found this.)

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