Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Dungeon Master

American novelist Sam Lipsyte, whose new novel The Ask I've been dying to read but have been paradoxically put off it because of all the people who tell me I'd love it, has a short story in the new New Yorker called "The Dungeon Master":
The Dungeon Master has detention. We wait at his house by the county road. The Dungeon Master’s little brother Marco puts out corn chips and orange soda.
It's a good story, although I must be honest and say the short story form is not my favorite. As far as fiction in the New Yorker goes, however, I was not unpleased by it. Worth checking out. Mostly I was drawn to it because we're all such huge D&D nerds here at the Brooklyn Shakespeare & Co.

Also, wait the LA Times is calling Lipsyte "America's bard of highly educated disgruntlement"? Crap, that's what I wanted to be! Damn you, Lipsyte.

*"The Dungeon Master", by Sam Lipsyte

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