Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No, really, Canada has a publishing industry, too.

Milestone in Canadian publishing! (It's not every day I get to write that). The Book of Negroes, the lauded novel by Afro-Canadian writer Lawrence Hill, has sold half a million copies in Canada. Seldom do you see such numbers with our bookselling brethren up North, rarer still for an author who is himself Canadian. I've never read him but I've heard Hill praised by a bunch of people whose opinion I respect, so I really need to give this thing a try.

Although I will definitely try to get myself a Canadian copy. It was published here in the states as the altogether more forgettable-sounding Someone Knows My Name, a bland, generic and focus-group sounding title if there ever was one, seemingly predestined for the remainder bin of history. If I saw that thing in a catalog, I'd totally just page right past it. I probably did.

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