Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dante's Divine Comedy, Seymour Chwast

It would be interesting to have this be your introduction to Dante, your own left-handed road map. It's an excellent primer. From here, you could level up to the Dante's Inferno video game, replete with Death's Scythe for combination attacks and finishing moves or perhaps, the Holy Cross for projectile attacks. And then, you could graduate to the poem itself. Baby steps!

In my mind, Virgil is leading Guido Anselmi on a tour through the nine circles of Hell. This picture book is all trenchcoats and fedoras, wavy-lined women and staring beasts. Kings, devils, guns, flappers, serpents. In other words, very good. I wonder if any professors will pick it up in time for the fall semester. I can only imagine this would help a lot of people with the cantos.

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