Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Films adapted from novels! The NeverEnding Story.

I'm going to bite a little bit of Dante's style & talk about a film adaptation: The NeverEnding Story (directed by Wolfgang Petersen)based on the book of the same name-- or well, in German it was originally Die unendliche Geschichte by Michael Ende. The movie is pretty faithful to the book-- the first half of it, anyway. Really, other than some bits that are cut & not missed (Falcor versus the giant spider), or a few pieces of backhistory that you don't get spelled out (the G'mork is a planeshifting, dimension hopping werewolf bountyhunter) you get the full thrust of the first half. Really I think the only characterization that fails to live up to the book is Falcor, but only because in the novel he's just so awesome. "Falcor, weren't you afraid of that giant spider?" "No! I knew I'd get out of it somehow. I'm extremely lucky!" "Falcor, the Nothing! Are you worried?" "Nope, I'm a Luck Dragon. I'll be okay, somehow." As for the second half of the book...well, lets just say, it is different, & the "NeverEnding" part really kicks in (that is the second post in as many days that deals with recursion...) & you see a whole 'nother side of Bastion Balthazar Bux. Oh! & speaking of textual play, The NeverEnding Story has four different colours of ink; one for each world &...well, just check it out.

One last note: the Childlike Empresses' name?
Totally Moon Child. Take that, Aleister Crowley!


Alicia said...

I feel like you embed this image at least twice a year.

mordicai said...

I.e. not frequently enough!