Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowday link roundup

It's snowing pretty hard here in Brooklyn, and they've closed down the college next to us, so we have the opportunity to catch up on a lot of work around these parts which is nice. And I've had the opportunity to read through some blogs I've been behind on.

*For some unexplained reason, Life magazine has a slideshow of famous literary substance abusers from throughout the last century or two. That's famous literary drunkard and noted opium enthusiast Charles Baudelaire up there.

*Now that Dante's Inferno has found widespread success as an action video game, Wired suggests 10 more works of classic literature that ought to be turned into video games, although they forgot James Joyce's Ulysses, which I'm pretty sure would be a pretty crazy Wii party game.

*Curious/confused about the aftermath in the fist-fight between and Everybody Else? The superlative Melville House blog has some post-game analysis.

*And speaking of Melville House, apparently one of their authors--Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved--has been declared the messiah by an obscure religious sect?

*Someone loves them as much as me! One of my favorite publishers, NYRB, now has a Tumblr devoted to its terrific design: FUCK YEAH NYRB CLASSICS!! No, seriously, that's actually what it's called.

*Capturing America is a BBC program about how much ass America kicked in the literary world of the 20th century. All the interviews that were conducted for the program are available on BBC Radio.

*In 2015 Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf will be published in Germany for the first time since it was banned there at the end of WWII. I, okay, good for you guys I guess? Every time I remember there are first-world countries that still ban books, I'm always like, Whaaaaat? But then I remember how unique the U.S.'s broad freedoms of press and speech are, even among relatively prosperous postindustrial nations, and I am glad America kicks ass in other ways too.


mordicai said...

You mean Raj Patel of Picador, a Macmillan joint?

Unknown said...

I guess that's true, Picador does have some of his stuff don't they? I think of him as a MH author because how often Starved & Stuffed gets used as a text here.

mordicai said...

Nick Courage has an email box full of letters regarding the situation...