Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Hundred Handed Libram

You know what I like? Giant, stupid, over-sized books. Just ridiculous, humongous, nearly unreadable tomes. Makes me feel like a wizard, leafing through these odd trim sizes, these gargantuan volumes. Taschen is a major contributor to this addiction. Sure Taschen might be well known for their picture books of erotica-- or at least, that seems to be a solid mainstay for them. They also make titanic books about fashion! Or alchemy, or antique maps of the night sky! Or bugs, or bats, or-- well, they have all kinds of 'em! Just thinking about the top of my bookshelves, where I have my (oxymoron ahead!) meager giant collection makes me grin. I'm talking stupid big books. Harmonia Macrocosmica is like half a meter by a third of a meter! That's like two feet by a foot, if you are someone who hasn't seen the light of the future & embraced the metric system. Shame on you, by the way. Lately I've been jonsing for these illustrated Book of the New Sun volumes from Centipede Press, the people who made that huge Lovecraft Retrospective. They come in at $225 though, so I can't see myself splurging on all six. I mean, a couple hundred bucks for a mega-delicious vanity purchase I can see, but six of them might be a little too rich for my blood. Still, my heart yearns! It is full of yearning. My giant shelf has some other things; weird art books, small press compendiums of spooky illustrators, that kind of stuff. & yeah, I like it. A lot. I am a warlock in my library filled with grimoires! Sultry, delightful, stupidly bueno gigante books. As much as I'd hate to shelve them in a bookstore, I sure like to not-shelve them at home.

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