Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The First Intergalactic Artform Of The Entire Universe

The Art of Shen Ku, by Zeek

Every now and again something special passes through the shelves here at Kit Marlowe & Company. One of those times is now, because -- holy jeez -- The Art of Shen Ku is amazing. To explain The Art is a little challenging. After all, it's "Simple Enough For A Child -- Too Complex For A Genius," not to mention that it transcends the ultimate barriers of time & space. I haven't even gotten into the governing of all conscious progress in any species anywhere yet, either.

The only way to really explain The Art Of Shen Ku is to imagine what might happen if The Dangerous Book For Boys had been written by Sun Ra and the Wu-Tang Clan instead of two mild-mannered Englishmen with funny last names. (Eds. note: If you haven't heard, The Dangerous Book For Boys and its companion volume, The Daring Book For Girls are both mind-blurringly awesome). The book is basically a compendium of weird bits of how-to -- see also "A Voyager's Guide to Avoiding Parasite Infestations" or "A Sailor's Quick Guide To Splicing," and "How To Execute Basic Judo Throws." There's a little bit of funky pseudo-science -- the column on Occult Numerology, for example -- but most of the guides are spot-on. Need to remove stains? Shen Ku has you covered. Need to reach a heightened state of cosmic awareness? Why, sir, Shen Ku has your back.

Everything's rooted in an oddball mythology surrounding Shen Ku, who is purportedly a traveling immortal of great skill and wisdom. Note that when I say "oddball" I mean "totally effing sweet." It's hard to say how tongue-in-cheek the book is; flipping through it you sort of get the feeling that it's a pastiche of the old adverts in the back pages of comic books, and sometimes you get the feeling that not only does this dude mean every word, he means every word and may be the key to global survival.

As of now we carry the book in stock, and you can get more information about the book and Zeek at The Art of Shen Ku.

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