Monday, January 25, 2010

How I Saved Comic Books One Afternoon.

(Kitty Pride by Alyz.)

The way I see it, there are two problem facing comics at the moment; well, two main ones, anyways. The first is a subject near & dear to my heart, & to the shriveled up plums that serve a lot of my compadres as blood-pumpers: comics are...sort of insulting. Alienating. Not all of them! Some of them, enough to call it a trend, an institutionalization, a status quo...they are...well...I am going to throw out two loaded words here: misogynist & racist. Now, it is getting better on both counts, but we're still dealing with stuff like The Seige's varient cover. In which the joke seems to be that Deadpool (a fourth wall breaking character, thus making this a little more editorial) seems to think hip hop is hilarious. & that women make excellent accessories. Now, I'm not telling you anything new. Heck, minority characters have gotten a raw deal all across the media, & are really only now starting to break into the mainstream. & sometimes, comics can really excel at giving people a voice, an avatar. Sometimes not. Now, with regards to the standard of the portrayal of women (by which I mean more than just in refrigerators) is a little less steller. Still, you've got people crying out for feminism to take comics by storm. Sometimes it even does! Heck, Girl Wonder took on the lack of a Stephanie Brown Robin memorial case-- & if you don't know what I mean by that...ugh. In summary, there was a girl Robin for a minute. You know, ROBIN, as in, Batman's sidekick. What, you didn't know there was a female Robin? RIGHT. See, she was killed off in a particularly brutal matter, & unlike the other Robin (Jason Todd...yeah, there have been a bunch of Robins), who Batman moped over & made a little "Never Forget, Never Again" costume memorial...Stephanie was just left out in the cold. Erased, forgotten. Well, Girl Wonder took them to task for it. Yay. Then, besides the wins & the losses, you get weird results like...Gail Simone is back on Birds of Prey! Yay! is Ed Benes! Less...yay. I don't know-- I do think that Bird of Prey was a sterling example of non-offensive cheesecake in its heyday, so I'll let it slide...

What is the other problem facing comics? & how do I propose fixing them? I'll tell you about it later!

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