Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deluge of Internet

We have been flooded with online orders, overwhelming everybody. Especially Kevin, who was built for the job from spare parts. Racing to catch up, we are listening to Coltrane and shelving for the coming semester.

Our notable acquistions include Food Rules, the brand-new pocket-size Michael Pollan. There's this beautiful book on Marchesa Casati. And Portable Grindhouse, which makes me feel like I am eight again, searching the shelves of Crossbay Video. I want to take this book home and keep it under my pillow. Also, I have been restocking David Simon, out of immense love and respect for The Wire. Powered through the first and second seasons so far, can only anticipate three and beyond. In the meantime, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets!

Lastly, more Penguin clothbound classics. We have been keeping warm three titles for about a month when three additionals came in; I am working on finding a spot for all of them to form a circle together. A circle of loveliness.


mordicai said...

How is the Wolfe coming?

Alicia said...

Promise to take a week getting to the second book. I know more than one of us hasn't had a chance to start.