Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time for my ticker-tape parade

I'd been behind the eight-ball for the last two weeks and building up a steady back-log of writing I needed to catch up on, which for a while I thought was insurmountable, but over the weekend (when I had nothing else to do and my girlfriend was out of town) I knocked out 5000 words a day. And then yesterday I had to come to work and then knuckle up with 8000 words before midnight. Eep! It was not fun, but I barricaded myself in the library all day and wrote as fast as I could and at the stroke of midnight I submitted the novel to NaNoWriMo.org to verify I had "won" and ... it counted me at 50,007 words. So, yeah, whew, I barely barely squeaked by, but it was a ton of fun. And now I have to catch up on all the internet reading and blog posting that I've been remiss on while I was writing.

I'll probably be putting it on Lulu soon, eventually, maybe. There's some editing that needs to happen. You can also look for the Nano novels of ex-Shakespeare alum Mordicai on Amazon.com. I've decided I'm going to read back-to-back his Wil O' Wisps and Other Illuminated Manuscripts from 2008 and Watchtower Gothique from this year, when he gets around to putting out a manuscript. I will probably lose my mind in the process. Coincidentally, Watch Towers (of a sort) also feature prominently in my own book. One of these days I also kinda want to go back and revisit in some fashion the Nano we, as a bookstore, wrote together, Therefore a Cruel Messenger (we did one with color illustrations, too), and the aborted one of the same title we started the following year.

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You know it, babe!