Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Tiger bump

Everybody's got an angle, you know? In the midst of the hoopla of the whole thing about Tiger Woods and his 85 mistresses, book biz reporting has focused on British science writer John Gribbin. After photographs of Woods' car appeared on thesmokinggun.com that showed a copy of Gribbin's 2003 book Get a Grip on Physics in the back seat, the book leapfrogged overnight in Amazon sales rank from 396,224 ... to an incredible 2,268! Both Amazon and Amazon UK are now sold out of the book, and used copies are going for a ridiculous $75-$100 a copy.

Lucky break for Gribbin, whom I don't think has commented yet, but whose name recognition has just rocketed upwards. Bad news for Tiger, although scandalized celebrities may have just discovered a new revenue stream: selling advertising space in the wreckage of their personal lives.

The video above is from a Taiwanese news broadcast about the Tiger Woods story, and uses computer animation to recreate the event in a way that makes the whole thing look like a hilarious episode from Resident Evil.

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