Monday, November 16, 2009

Savage Encounters

Yeah. We got our copies of the new set of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures today: SAVAGE ENCOUNTERS. I haven't opened my boxes yet, because if I did it without my girlfriend, she'd kill me, so that'll have to wait until later. I haven't even used any of the minis in my game from the Legendary Evils set, but it's not possible for me to be unexcited about this.

Yesterday I gamed with Erica, our newest employee (in our store) who is our cat-like druid (in our game) and I almost immediately got the entire party killed. Good times.


mordicai said...

Another adventure I wasn't invited to! SO SHUNNED.

David said...

It wasn't my game. It was Erica's OTHER game, in which I play a genasi warlord. Everyone else in it is a stranger to me. They're running a Scales of War campaign in Planescape. Too fun! My dude's like Captain America, if Captain American kept almost getting killed every five minutes.

mordicai said...

Scales of Planescape! I read a little bit about that-- how far are they along in it?

Do you throw your shield?