Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roxana Robinson: Signing & Discussion

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Brooklyn College
Barker Room, Boylan Hall

One of Five Best Fiction Books of the Year - Washington Post
Best Books of the Year - Library Journal
One of the Best Books of the Year - Seattle Times
Twelve Best Books of the Year - Wall Street Journal

"Loss, grief and regret are the central subjects of Roxana Robinson's harrowing new novel, which applies the writer's trademark gifts as an intelligent, sensitive analyst of family life to the darkest subject matter she has tackled to date... Bleak though it undeniably is, 'Cost' is also a warmly human and deeply satisfying book, marking a new level of ambition and achievement for this talented author." - Chicago Tribune

"'Cost' is unusual for being as plot-driven as it is character-driven, and the assured manner in which Robinson builds toward the inevitable train wreck is matched by her acuity in bringing us inside the characters' minds." - The New York Times Book Review

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