Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New York Public Library grooms its lion & other design related items

ITEM: Behold new logo for the New York Public Library. Pretty spiffy, eh? You can watch a video about the design process on YouTube. I sure am a sucker for intelligently dissected graphic design. The New York Times has a neat article about it today as well.

ITEM: Apropos of that, the incomparable Todd Klein has done some marvelous archaeological work on the Batman logo (see part 1 and part 2), and now has sussed out the hitherto anonymous designer of one of the earliest major Batman logos. Pretty neat stuff.

ITEM: Twenty-one Nabokov covers redesigned as butterfly specimen boxes. They're all pretty amazing, but my favorite is the redesigned cover for Laughter in the Dark by ... Dave Eggers?

ITEM: Here's a great blog I've just been hipped to: Curious Pages. Their subtitle/motto is "Recommended Inappropriate Books for Kids". They post images of lots incredible children's books you've never heard of.

ITEM: Similarly, the New York Times also has released a list of their best illustrated children's books of 2009 list.

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