Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did They Live Happily Ever After or Not...?

Only in New York City will you honestly be able to walk down Ninth Avenue on a rainy Sunday afternoon and see something as frightening and interesting as this... I mean, is the recession so bad that even Snow White and Prince Charming can only make collect calls? Or have our divorce rates skyrocketed to the point that Snow White and her Prince Charming could not live happily ever after, after all.

I would love to know the man/woman behind the genius of this. First off, where in the world do you find a cut out of Snow White? And this is not a cardboard cut out, but a child size, wood cut of Snow White. Even though the dress is not Snow White's typical attire, it is a real fabric, following down to the dirty street.

So, is someone trying to make a point with this? Is it art expressionism? Is it a gag? Or did someone just have a bratty child with them and decided they were not worthy enough to have their woodcut of Snow White? Who is genius behind the "Phone Booth Snow White"? If you know the answer or have seen him/her on your own account, please let me know.


Alicia said...

The Wire has taught me that anybody using a payphone is a drug connect.

Kaitlyn Krieg said...

Well... like I said, times must be bad for her and prince charming... OMG do you think its like a Bobby, Whitney story? Crack is whack!