Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Shot Rock and Roll: A Photography History, 1955-Present, Gail Buckland

Whether it is Tina Turner, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Madonna, Prince or Elvis, if you're someone who enjoys music and likes having a glimpse into the artist's lives, then this is a great book for you. Gail Buckland has brought together artists and their photographers to show freedom and personal reinvention, and just a little bit of Rock and Roll.

She examines the relationship between the artist and his/her fans, the artist and photographer's relationship, and also how the photographers saw what they saw and captured it.

As you flip from page to page, you see numerous pictures of these artists doing what they do best: performing, but there are also personal pictures which really captures the essensence of their privatel lives. Whether its a picture of Amy Winehouse taken by Max Vadukal, where she is just laying in bed, almost in daze or Keith Richards with his wife Pattie Hansen standing behind the crib of their daughter, Theodora, captured by Ken Regan. We get to see these artists living freely.

The best part about this book is, there are no paparazzi pictures. These are real photographers capturing the true past of Rock and Roll. You get the chance to escape into concerts through these photos. For example: a picture taken by Lynn Goldsmith, which captures Mick Jagger just finishing a performance where the stage is covered in shoes, but you can see the audience is still screaming for more. There is also a stadium seating shot of Madonna performing, captured by Andreas Gursky. This photo has truly captured the moment, you can feel the audience screaming through the picture and if you study it closely, you might start to hear your favorite Madonna song.

However, if this book is not enough for you to you get your musical style fix, then you can go to the Brooklyn Museum, located at
200 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, New York 11238, to catch the exhibit of these masterpieces. The exhibit will be opening on October 30 and will run through January 31.

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