Monday, October 19, 2009

I Am The New Black, Tracy Morgan

Really, the celebrity memoir only ever deserves to be written from the deathbed. By all rights, people have lived enough of a life by then to be at least passably interesting.

What makes I Am The New Black an exception to this rule is Tracy Morgan. If only every biography could allow for excerpts like:

"Vietnam was like a big girl everybody in the hood had been with but no one greeted on the street. Vietnam was a fat girl with gonorrhea; it was an embarrassment that nobody in America would be able to forget."

IATNB is as funny as you would expect and Morgan is direct about struggles with fame, addiction and everything ever. It's a super fast read that you mine for trademark turns of phrase if you love him. If you don't, I cannot hope to understand you. It's also clearly written from a place of happiness. He has made it through legitimately hard, crazy times intact.

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