Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ecce Nook!

So the book biz big secret of the week is apparently ... this! Barnes & Noble's revelation of their new supposed Kindle-killer. There was a while there I started to see a bunch of people with Kindles on the subway, like once or twice a day, but I feel like it's faded a bit to where it's unusual to spy them again. The news sure seems to think they're being adopted like crazy. I dunno. I'm not a bunker-squatting Luddite or anything, but I think the printed book is still a pretty good technology, so I don't see myself chucking my library any time soon in favor of one of these, although I'm not prepared to say it'll never happen. Who knows. Getting these books out of my apartment would roughly double my living space.
Anyway, Frau Totenkindle here looks like it's going to start retailing at $259, which is what the Kindle costs. As yet I have no idea what advantages it offers over that device, and to my eye it basically looks just like a Kindle, so I don't know what the pitch is.

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David said...

Book loaning! As far as I can tell this is the sole major significant difference from the Kindle--you can loan your e-books, in a very limited fashion, to other people.

Of course, Regular Books have a very easy and built-in loaning tech capability, but never mind that.