Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anne Frank: Her Life in Words and Pictures from the Archives of The Anne Frank House

Everyone knows the story of Anne Frank from The Diary of Anne Frank, but this book is a pictorial view of her life before the Holocaust through many family pictures taken by her father, Otto Frank. When Anne Frank was young, her father found it important to take pictures of his family. Unlike her Diary, we can now view the happier life she lived before the tragedy of WWII.

We see pictures of Anne as a baby, being held by her sister as an infant, through childhood, with school and birthday parties, and into the beginning of her teenage life. Pictures from the beach, the park and her home. Pictures with her family, and others of her doing her normal activities: school homework, reading and even sun bathing on the back of her house.

Throughout the book are quotes from Anne's Diary. Comments about pictures but also what was going on around the time the photo was taken. For a young teen, we can see that she was very witty and very smart. It brings her Diary to life with the way her quotes are incorporated into the photos.

This book talks about the history. What was happening when and even on into the Secret Annex years of her life. But what makes this story whole, is they have contacted people who were with Anne and her sister, Margot in the concentration camps, from the beginning of their stay, to the end of their lives. The book also shows life after the Holocaust with pictures of the Annex and pictures of her diary. How her father came to the agreement to publish her Diary and the movies and plays that would come from her Book.

She writes in her Diary, "You've known for a long time that my greatest wish is to be a journalist, and later on, a famous writer... In any case, after the war I'd like to publish a book called The Secret Annex." This truly shows her happiness, her sadness, and the true life of Anne Frank.